At Lotus Insurance, our mission is simple – we work with you, for you, to get the right coverage for your business.

Working with you, for you.

The Lotus Mission

The mission at Lotus Insurance is to help our clients take control of their insurance. On your own, finding complete coverage can be an overwhelming task; having the right people to guide you can make all the difference. We seek to make you a part of the process, and to discover your needs as a business and an individual. We don’t just want our clients to be covered: we want them to understand how they are covered, and achieve the best result possible.

Founder and Director of Lotus Insurance

Meet Chris Cox

Chris is a seasoned insurance professional with over 40 years of experience in assisting clients with their insurance challenges.

Chris is a financial member of the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance, as well as a member of Steadfast, the largest insurance broker network in Australasia. With a deep understanding of the SME and corporate markets, Chris’ expertise encompasses general insurance, risk assessment, underwriting, claims management, dispute resolution, and settlement.

Chris takes a unique approach to insurance; at Lotus Insurance Brokers, it’s not just about selling policies but working wholeheartedly for the client, not the insurers. He offers peace of mind, ensuring that when clients retire to bed at night, they can rest assured knowing their business assets are fully protected. After all, this is the culmination of years spent building their businesses.

More than just a brokerage firm

The Vision

Our vision is to become the catalyst for more businesses to secure the right insurance for their specific needs. We help organisations define their needs and priorities, and better understand the coverage they need to secure their investments going forward. We help people find the coverage that is just right for them, and feel empowered in their understanding of how they are protected. We want to help more businesses feel this way.

Need someone who cares about you and your business? Contact Chris today for personalised coverage options.